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A city doesn't have such charms as you will find at country farms.

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Treasure Hunt

A family of five bought a farm

that had been abandoned for years.

Then planned on giving it life again,

through their blood, sweat, money, and tears.

It was up to the boys to clear the yard,

for they had to earn their keep.

They gathered the refuse of another time,

and set it all in one heap.

While they worked, one of the boys

spotted something hidden in brambles.

It was just a hint of a shingled roof

of a building that was in shambles.

He pointed it out to his two brothers,

and it caught their imagination.

Could it be the roof of an old work shed,

with tools of a man of invention?

Perhaps the shack was a haven of storage

for a vast array of hodgepodge.

Or maybe there was a truck or a car

in an old, forgotten garage!

They began to work more diligently

to perform their dull job on the double.

They wanted to finish by suppertime

and avoid getting in any trouble.

When their Dad got home from the business

he had attended to in town,

they asked their parents if they might

cut a path as the sun went down.

With the OK from Dad, and well wishes from Mom,

they pruned their way toward hidden treasure.

The thrill, and potential, of the hunt

gave them joy which they could not measure.

They struggled to get through their difficult task,

filled with anticipation.

They suffered the thorns to reach the prize

that was their inspiration.

As they journeyed closer to the goal,

Mom and Dad joined their boys in the quest.

They removed the brambles that had been cut,

and got caught up in the odd harvest.

As the sun was beginning to set,

they reached the corner of the building.

There they also found the hinges of a door,

so the secret would soon be yielding!

They cut away the last of the brambles,

and worked as if in a trance.

The thought of what they could possibly find

made the boys begin to prance.

The sight of a door with a crescent moon

fell upon their innocent eyes,

the symbolism of which they unfortunately were

much too young to yet recognize.

Mom and Dad shook their heads and smiled,

knowing this was no treasure of lore.

And they were careful to stifle their laughs

as their sons slowly opened the door.

The boys let out a loud moan of disgust.

They began to roll their eyes, and to grouse.

What they saw was a bench with a hole in the seat.

Their hidden treasure was just an outhouse.

© 2012 L.E.H.

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