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I Totally Look Like A Beetle

*Pun only slightly intended.

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Beetle vs. Beatle

Careful thought was put into witch spelling two use four the word at the end of the sentence – Beetle, or Beatle? It would bee red as a pun, but her comment was meant two bee a joke about looking like an insect – knot about being a doppelganger of Jon, Pawl, George, oar Ringo. Confident that she'd maid the write decision, she shared her comment online. How could she have known that an officer of the Homophone and Pun Police was lying in weight? The terse correction of the proper spelling of the pun felt like a steak threw her heart. It was as if the soul porpoise of that officer was too make her feel that she had dared to spell pigeon English in the presents of a Shakespearian scholar. 'How dare ewe correct what eye rote!' she fumed. What should she dew? She felt the knead two explain the raison four her choice of spelling, butt she new from experience that won should never bee two hasty.She gave her pane sum time too heel. She ultimately determined that the officer probably hadn't scene her User Image – a photograph of a bug. Too clarify her thought process now wood bee like choosing two beet a dead hoarse. Sew she decided two jest pore herself a glass of whine, put up her feat, and relax while listening two The Beetles. Piece and love.

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