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    16 Epic Recipes For Your Game Of Thrones Watch Party

    16 Game of Thrones inspired recipes to feast and toast the final season. Your favorite character may survive, but these delicious eats will not.

    1. White Walker Dragon Cake

    Hunger Thirst Play / Via

    A nod to one of the most notable moments in Season 7, this white walker inspired dragonscale cake is sure to be the centerpiece for your premiere party table.

    Get the recipe.

    2. Sansa's Lemon Cake Martinis

    Hunger Thirst Play / Via

    We're all going to need a few cocktails to survive this last season.

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    3. Sweet Dragon Eggs

    The Starving Chef / Via

    A simple to make crowd pleaser with chocolate and peanut butter.

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    4. House Tyrell's Spiced Blood Orange Puff Pastry Wheels

    The Gingered Whisk / Via

    Oh, House Tyrell. Here's a delicious way to remember a good run.

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    5. Pigeon Pie

    Feasts of Starlight / Via

    Sorry, no actual pigeons will fly out of this one. Just deliciousness.

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    6. 7 Kingdom Inspired Cocktail Bitters

    Feast in Thyme / Via

    Inspired by the deadliest poisons in the kingdom, but without King Joffrey wedding day results.

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    7. Mulled Wine

    Stress Baking / Via

    Drink like you sit on the iron throne with this easy, instant pot mulled wine.

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    8. Direwolf Claws

    Baking Mischief / Via

    A crisp, flaky nod to the Stark House sigil.

    Get the recipe.

    9. Red Velvet Dragonscale Cake

    Liv for Cake / Via

    For a real show of fire and ice, you can have dueling dragonscale cakes. Who will win? Red velvet or blue velvet?

    Get the recipe.

    10. Wildfire Cocktail

    Elle Talk / Via

    Will wild fire make an appearance this season? Make it a guarantee with this firey green cocktail.

    Get the recipe.

    11. The Vale Mule

    The Gingered Whisk / Via

    Escape to the Vale with this sweet and minty raspberry Mule.

    Get the recipe.

    12. Arya's Cockles and Clams

    Hunger Thirst Play / Via

    Firey spice like Arya's spirit, these sautéed mussels are an easy, no-shuck, way to represent her time in Braavos.

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    13. Hot Pie's Hand Pies

    The Live In Kitchen / Via

    A quick snack for in between intense scenes, these hand held pies are vegetarian too.

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    14. Dragonstone Affogato

    Easy Cooking with Molly / Via

    Embrace the dark waters around Dragonstone like this Affogato spiked with bourbon saffron tea.

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    15. Savory Baked Apples

    Sweet and Masala / Via

    Savory and sweet, baked with sausage, nuts and dried fruit - these baked apples should clearly be a name day staple.

    Get the recipe.

    16. Hold the Door White Walker Scotch Whisky Cocktail

    Johnnie Walker / Via

    This White Walker scotch cocktail created by Gabe Orta mixed fruity flavors with an unforgettable character.

    Get the recipe.

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