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    Top 10 Moments From Behind The Scenes Of Catching Fire

    The Catching Fire DVD is out, and little clips have been making their way to the internet already! Here are the best things we've seen so far from behind the scenes!

    10. Poor Josh getting a wet willy

    9. Zombie Katniss

    8. Josh Spinning Around in a Chair

    7. Sam Trying to Warm up J-Law...

    6. ...And Just Failing

    5. That time Peeta was picking out a wedding ring...

    4. Woody blowing minds with something

    3. Sam and Josh Goofin Around

    2. Aaaaand Too Cool for School Peeta

    1. Ok, let's be honest here, Josh was the real winner in the DVD!

    What were YOUR favorite behind the scenes moments/goofs? Head over to our Hunger Games Wikia and share with us!