The Best Catching Fire Looks

Besides the political turmoil and sadness of victors going back into the arena, the fashion in Catching Fire really killed it! Here are our favorite looks from the movie!

9. Finnick’s Reaping outfit

Finnick looked poised and handsome at his Reaping, and that sweater looked insanely comfy. We wouldn’t mind cuddling in that thing!

8. Haymitch’s Capitol party outfit

When Haymitch cleans up, he cleans up nice! This outfit he wore to the Capitol party was pretty chic and the color works great with his hair.

7. President Snow’s announcement outfit

The man is the #1 jerk in the movie, but he does have style! We’re kind of obsessing over the fur cape thing President Snow has going on there.

6. District 12 chariot outfits

Ok, how awesome were these? The chariot outfits from the first Hunger Games movie were good, but these were amazing!


Effie’s golden butterfly themed outfit was whimsical and edgy. While the circumstances in which she was wearing this was not very happy, the Capitol escort killed it on the stage!

4. Johanna Mason’s interview outfit

Johanna hated her paper themed outfit, but we thought it looked great! The intricacies in the ruffles and the bark detailing at the top looked amazing.

3. Peeta’s interview outfit

Someone call the fire department, we got a hot one over here! Just kidding, it’s just Peeta looking fiery in his white wedding suit! With that perfectly coiffed hair, this is one of his best looks yet!

2. Katniss’ Capitol Party Outfit

This dress that Katniss wore to President Snow’s party was a knockout! The detailing on the shoulders plus the matching makeup and jewelry made this outfit hard to beat.

1. Katniss’s wedding dress

KILLED IT! CINNA KILLED IT! In addition to making the most glamour wedding dress we have ever seen, Cinna literally gave the Capitol a big thumbs down by making Katniss the mockingjay. We bow before your genius, sir.


Ok, we couldn’t resist throwing in a seductive Finnick in this post. Enjoy!

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