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12 Things We'd Fight To The Death For

You gotta do what you gotta do. And you've got to get Catching Fire, available on Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital.

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1. The slice of pizza with the perfect cheese-to-pepperoni ratio.

Markus Mainka

2. A seat on a crowded subway.


3. No-calorie chocolate.


4. A pair of jeans that is always perfectly worn in.


5. A rent-stabilized apartment.


6. Being able to eat an unlimited amount of Mexican food without getting heartburn.

Joshua Resnick

7. A 95% off shirt from your favorite designer in your perfect size.

Mirco Vacca

8. A higher metabolism.

Evdokimov Maxim

9. A personal chef who specializes in mac 'n' cheese.


10. Getting the parking spot right next to the door.

Nikola Bilic

11. 100,000 followers on your favorite social media channel.


12. A really, really great profile picture.

Anastasiya Domnitch