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Kevin From "The Office" Has The Best Tasty "Oh Yeah"

I bet Tasty got their inspiration from this...

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Love it or hate it, everyone's heard the infamous "Oh Yes" at the end of every Tasty video.

Tasty / Via Giphy

I can just hear it now, the somewhat creepy and iconic, "Oh Yesss."

But did you know the first (okay, maybe not the first) "Oh Yes" came from the beloved show, "The Office"? Yeah I'm talking about the somewhat lovable and dorky Kevin Malone.

NBC / Via Buzzfeed

Basically the foundation of texting.

Perhaps Kevin's most iconic moment was when he brought his famous chili to work...

NBC / Via

Those poor, undercooked onions didn't know what was coming for them.

But I was recently rewatching an episode from The Office, Season 8 when all of a sudden, this happened.

NBC / Via tumblr

Look at that anticipation.

And then.

NBC / Via tumblr

And then, because he's Kevin, he does it again for good measure.

NBC / Via Giphy

Isn't that the face you imagined the owner of the "Oh Yes" voice from Tasty making?

When we see Kevin, we're all just Andy discovering a raccoon eating a sandwich.

NBC / Via Giphy

Look at how excited he is! And yes, I know that "Oh Yes" is different from "Oh Yeah," but isn't this show just a gem?

So, basically Kevin coined the "Oh Yeah."

NBC / Via Giphy
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