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    15 Pro-Life Resolutions For 2014

    What better way is there to start off the new year than with a New Year's Resolution? Check out our list of ideas for resolutions you could make to save lives in 2014!

    15. Say a prayer daily for an end to abortion

    14. Volunteer as a Sidewalk Counselor

    13. Attend the March for Life

    12. Distribute Pro-Life materials in your community

    11. Participate in a 40 Days for Life Campaign

    10. Speak up when Pro-Life ideas are challenged

    9. Share Pro-Life images and articles on social media

    8. Wear a Pro-Life shirt, wrist band or pin

    7. Raise money for a Pro-Life organization

    6. Volunteer for a local Pro-Life organization

    5. Start a Pro-Life club at your school

    4. Attend a Pro-Life event or conference

    3. Donate maternity and baby items to a Crisis Pregnancy Center

    2. Support Pro-Life candidates in your community

    1. Start your own Pro-Life project