Which West Wing Character Are You Based On Your Snacking Opinions

Josh said you liked goldfish

  1. Pick a snack
    1. Via Tastes Lovely
    2. Via Kettle Brand
    3. Via Plant Strength
      Veggies + Hummus
    1. Via Single Dad Laughing
    2. Via DaVinci Gourmet
    3. Via 123RF
      Trail Mix
  2. Pick a snacking cereal
    1. Via Serious Eats
    2. Via Eat This, Not That!
      Lucky Charms
    3. Via Frebaco
      Corn Flakes
    1. Via AltHealthWorks
      Froot Loops
    2. Via Chowhound
      Cocoa Puffs
    3. Via Jezebel
      Frosted Mini Wheats
  3. Pick a time of day to snack
    1. Via MLP Forums
    2. Via The Painter's Pot
      Early Afternoon
    3. Via iDownloadBlog
      Late Afternoon
    1. Via Bordeaux Undiscovered
    2. Via ridlr.in
      Right before bed
    3. Via 614 Now
      Middle of the night
  4. Pick a place to snack
    1. Via Pinterest
      On the couch
    2. In bed
    3. Via Better Homes and Gardens
      In the kitchen
    1. Via Wikimedia Commons
      Commuting (on the train/metro/bus)
    2. Via Interior Concepts
      At work
    3. Via Home Design
      At school
  5. Pick a celebrity to snack with
    1. Via TV Guide
      Ryan Gosling
    2. Via FACT Magazine
    3. Via Teen Music Insider
      Shawn Mendes
    1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    2. Via Us Weekly
      Jennifer Aniston
    3. Brad Pitt

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