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10 Awkward Situations To Avoid Like The Plague

Always have a good exit strategy. For those times you find yourself in a hopeless situation, just remember that it could be worse. Maybe. See for yourself in The Wrong Mans by Hulu.

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1. When you think it's a good idea to pry into your significant other's things, and get caught.


This isn't what it looks like, I swear!

2. That time your parents come home a day early from their vacation.


Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. I guess you weren't on the party invite?

3. Having to break up two friends in an argument, all without taking sides.


Maybe it's better just to let them figure it out, actually. Take the night off, do something fun.

4. Walking in on something you immediately regret.


Yep, this means exactly what you think it does. So awkward!

5. Accidentally waving back at someone you thought was waving at you.


Just stay cool... play it smooth... no one even noticed.

6. When you have to remind your friend that they owe you money... for the fourth time.


Give an inch, they'll take a mile. And all your money too.

7. When a stranger touches your hand on the subway.


Was it an accident, or was it intentional? How do you even deal with this?

8. Going to a party alone and not knowing anyone.


Pro Tip: Don't force it (like this guy). Just leave and have the rest of the night to yourself!

9. Being a third wheel.


Well, it's already awkward, might as well make it more awkward and start talking about the weather. Try it, see what happens.

10. Hitting "reply all" on the worst email possible.


If there were ever a time to just pick up and move to Antarctica...