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17 Reasons You Should Watch "Misfits" As Told By Nathan GIFs

And Nathan's hotness is only one (although it could be all 17). Watch the final season on Hulu!

1. It features some very attractive people...

2. ...which leads to a healthy dose of sexual tension...

3. ...but an even bigger dose of superpower-fueled action.

4. There are moments of remarkable poignancy.

5. You'll learn creative insults...

6. ...and problem-solving skills.

7. It's politically correct and incorrect at the same time.

8. You'll get attached to the characters.

9. It can (and will) break your heart.

10. It gets you.

11. It can be seductive.

12. Really seductive.

13. It's so good, it will make you question whether or not the writers actually have superpowers.

14. It's clever and snide and oh-so-British.

15. Once you start watching, you'll want to block out everything that isn't Misfits.

16. It knows how you feel at the end of a long week.

17. And it will always love you back.