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13 Reasons To Avoid Being A Superhero

Want a functional relationship? Don't be a superhero. Catch more super-powered anti-heroes on Misfits.

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1. There's a lot of identity confusion when picking up the phone.

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2. People use your abilities as party tricks. "Do the thing! Do the thing!"

3. You have to restrain yourself in normal social scenarios.

4. You have to wear the same outfit every day.

5. You're expected to be "on brand" all the time. What if your nemesis saw you taking a dance class?

6. Your friend group is limited to other superheroes, 'cause all your free time is devoted to crime fighting.

7. If you were born super, you probably missed a lot of childhood milestones.

8. Vigilante justice doesn't pay very well.

9. If you want a pet, you have to get a super pet, and super pets are hard to come by.

10. Too many people don't appreciate the work you do.

11. You save lives, but God forbid you celebrate a little.

12. You're a role model, so no wild nights out for you.

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13. You're always one misstep away from revealing your "secret" identity.

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