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22 Reasons We Don't Want To Say Goodbye To "The Mindy Project"

Before we say "Later, baby!" to The Mindy Project, we're counting down its most unmissable moments. Be sure to catch up on the show's sixth season before the final episode airs Nov. 14, only on Hulu.

1. First of all, we'll miss Mindy's unrivaled and unforgettable fashion sense.

2. And her trademark honesty was just...*kisses fingers like chef*.

3. Our Tuesday evenings will simply not be the same without the show's amazing one-liners.

4. Ya know, on second thought, literally every line in this show was breathtakingly hilarious.

5. It should go without saying that we'll miss the show's outrageous guest stars.

6. From Ellie Kemper's "energetic" Heather...

7. James Franco's swoon-worthy Dr. Leotard.

8. Of course, we'd be incredibly remiss not to mention the evolution of Mindy and Danny's relationship.

9. Because we'll forever be nostalgic for their adorable antics...

10. ...their ~smooth~ chemistry...

11. ...and the way they made our dang hearts melt.

12. Speaking of hearts, the show's award-worthy ensemble captured ours from day one.

13. Including Jeremy and his endearing sensitivity...

14. ...Peter's bro-y appeal...

15. ...Tamra's signature brand of humor...

16. ...and Colette's zesty candor.

17. Oh, and did we mention Morgan Tookers, the ex-con turned acclaimed nurse (kind of) of our dreams?

18. Because we're going to miss Morgan.

19. Like, a lot.

20. Memories of his physical comedy alone will keep us up at night, yearning for 15 more seasons' worth.

21. And when this ensemble got together, it was true #art.

22. Above all else, we'll miss literally everything this show gave us across six seasons of laughs, romance, and general Mindy-ness.

Give Mindy a proper sendoff — catch up on the show's final season, now streaming exclusively on Hulu.