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12 Last-Minute Gifts For Every Type Of Friend In Your Life

Uh-oh, how is it that time of year again already? If you need a last-minute gift, we've got you covered — like Hulu has you covered for all the year's best entertainment.

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1. For your roommate friend.

Because she makes you soup when you're sick and doesn't judge you when you cry during sappy commercials: a new mixer so she can make those green juices she's hooked on at home.

4. For your childhood friend.

Because she has stuck by you through every single one of your awkward phases: a poster of that movie you've been quoting to each other for decades.

9. For your up-for-anything, never-let-you-down friend.

Courtesy of Kari Enzo

Because when you decided to run an obstacle course through the mud, she thought you were crazy — then signed up to do it with you: a pocket planner so she can keep track of all your future journeys.

10. For your basically-your-twin friend.

Because she's the only one you'd ever forgive for showing up to the party wearing the same thing as you... twice: a cheeky necklace and one for you to match as well, of course.

12. And for your furry friend.

Because you probably wouldn't let anyone else's tongue that close to your nostril unless they were the greatest fur ball around: a tiny snap-on camera so you can feel like you're close to them every adorable step of the way.

One gift you can all partake in is catching up on your favorite shows over the holiday with Hulu — whether it's Nashville, Law & Order: SVU, The Mindy Project, or many more!