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The TV Addict's Guide To Surviving The Holiday Season

"If I don't make it, tell my family I love...television." *dies*

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Ahhh, the holidays. It's that magical time of year when you're forced to spend more time with your loved ones, and less time with your one true love: television.

Keeping up with your favorite TV shows during the holiday hustle and bustle can seem impossible, but don't melt into a puddle of pure anxiety just yet! Here are some simple tips to help you survive the holiday season:

Take Advantage of the Hiatus

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Don't worry: Your precious TV shows will be back! In the meantime, you can use these few weeks of hiatus to catch up on some of the many other shows you might be behind on.

Know Your Audience

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There's a good chance that someone in your family is a fan of some TV show. Maybe your brother is really into Gotham, or your mom is obsessed with The Voice right now. Get caught up on the shows you know will come up in conversation!

A.B.C.: Always Be Charging!

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Whether it's your childhood bedroom or an airport lobby, you'll probably find yourself in some unfamiliar environments this holiday season, which means you'll be streaming TV shows on your phone or tablet. Keep all of your devices charged for the inevitable streaming sessions to come. Your sanity will thank you!

Know Your Wi-Fi Sitch

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Unless you're a Saudi prince or a Kardashian, you probably can't afford to max out your data plan by streaming your favorite shows without a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you always know which Wi-Fi network you have access to in order to ensure the highest quality (and most affordable) streaming experience.

Make Holiday Episodes Your New BFF

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Most of your favorite TV shows have special holiday episodes, which provide a great excuse for obsessive TV viewing during the holiday season. "Mom, I'm not spending my whole holiday break watching random TV shows. I'm enriching my love of the season with holiday-themed entertainment!"

Be Considerate of Others

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Avoid the urge to lock yourself in a bedroom and watch TV. Instead, find some shows that your family will enjoy watching with you. It might be hard for them to dive straight into Season 11 of Bones, but the first few episodes of Heroes: Reborn could turn into a shared experience the whole family can enjoy! #ChristmasMiracle

Turn TV Time Into a Game

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For you, there's no greater joy than an 18-hour TV marathon, but your family might have a different interpretation of "fun." So why not make a game out of your TV experience? Take a drink every time a character utters their catchphrase, or eat a cookie every time your dad laughs at a bad joke. You can add a game to any TV show to make it more fun for everyone!

Pace Yourself

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You might be really eager to marathon all nine seasons of The X-Files, but the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones. Try to limit yourself to a few hours of TV a day, and don't worry: You'll have plenty of time to watch every single episode of Seinfeld, because TV is not going anywhere!

If you're looking for a TV fix to get you through the holiday season, look no further! All of your favorite TV shows are available on Hulu.

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