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The Definitive Ranking Of TV Pets

They're the real stars.

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19. Garfield from Garfield and Friends

Courtesy of / Via Film Roman Productions/20th Century Fox Television

In the late '80s, Garfield hit the small screen in Garfield and Friends, teaching an entirely new generation of kids how to hate everything all the time.

16. Wilfred from Wilfred

Courtesy of / Via Wilfred Productions/FX Network

Is he a god? Is he a demon? Is he a symptom of Ryan's delusional insanity? Maybe. But he's also definitely Jenna's real dog, which earns him a spot on the list!

14. Lucky from A.L.F.

Courtesy of / Via Alien Productions / NBC

For four years, Lucky the cat lived in the same household with an alien who loved eating cats...and he was never eaten. That's a badass cat if there ever was one.

13. Spot from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Courtesy of / Via Paramount Television / CBS

Speaking of cats living with aliens, Spot lived on a starship and helped Data (a cyborg) relate to the human experience. Obviously Data wasn't human, and Spot probably loved that about him.

10. Eddie from Frasier

Courtesy of / Via Grub Street Productions / NBC

It only took a few awkward staring contests and one-sided conversations with Frasier Crane for Eddie to become one of the most beloved TV pets of the '90s.

9. Flipper from Flipper

Courtesy of / Via MGM Television/Ivan Tors Film / NBC

Like, c'mon. It's freakin' Flipper! He's a dolphin who helps his little kid friend do things and not die and stuff. What else could you ask for in a TV pet?!

8. Rowdy from Scrubs

Courtesy of / Via Doozer/Touchstone Television / ABC

Rowdy is Turk and J.D.'s taxidermy pet pooch, who provides all the companionship and love that you'd expect from a pet without all the annoying responsibility of a real live animal.

5. Brian from Family Guy

Courtesy of / Via Fuzzy Door Productions/20th Century Fox Television

Brian is smarter than most members of the Griffin family. He can also talk and drive, he dates human women, and he's even had jobs in the past. So is he really even a pet? He wears a collar, so we're gonna say "yes."

3. Elvis from Miami Vice

Courtesy of / Via Michael Mann Productions / NBC

Yes, that's right: Sonny Crockett had a pet alligator who lived on his boat, destroyed people's stuff, sniffed out drugs, and occasionally tried to eat people. Miami in the '80s was weeeird.

2. Santa's Little Helper from The Simpsons

Courtesy of / Via Gracie Films/20th Century Fox Productions

Santa's Little Helper is one of the most iconic pets from one of the most iconic shows in TV history. He's smart sometimes, dumb sometimes, and lovable all the time!

1. Li'l Sebastian from Parks & Recreation

Courtesy of / Via Deedle-Dee Productions/3 Arts Entertainment / NBC

Ron Swanson has only cried twice in his life. Once when he was hit by a bus as a child, and again when Li'l Sebastian died. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!