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13 Situations That Will Terrify Anyone Who's Behind On Their Shows


If you're a TV fanatic, missing an episode of your favorite TV show can mess up your entire life.

1. You literally can't function like a normal human being until you're caught up.

2. You know the struggle of overhearing co-workers talking about their favorite TV shows...

3. ...and when they start talking about your favorite show:

4. Your office buddy corners you in the break room, eager to talk about last night's cliffhanger ending:

5. Idiots at the coffeeshop: "OMG did you see last night's episode? Let's very loudly discuss all the spoilers!"

6. How you feel when you think about missing your show (which is every three seconds all day long):

7. When the group text with your friends turns into a detailed conversation about a character's unexpected death, there's only one option:

8. You're terrified of the entire internet because SPOILERS...

9. ...and social media sites are completely out of the question.

10. You thought you could sneak away to watch some TV on your lunch break, but a last-minute meeting put a stop to that.

11. You start thinking that you may never get to watch TV ever again.

12. The drive home from work feels like an ETERNITY:

13. Your friend tries to cheer you up by inviting you to happy hour, but you're like:

Then, FINALLY, you find the time to catch up on your favorite show! Your anxiety subsides, and you return to your normal human self.

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