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17 Lessons "The Golden Girls" Taught Us About Love

Lookin' for love? The Golden Girls got your back!

Love is HARD. Luckily, The Golden Girls has all the advice you'll need for a successful love life!

1. First impressions are super important, so always try to show off your best attributes!

2. Try not to be rude on the first date.

3. Trust your gut! If it doesn't seem like a good match, it probably isn't.

4. Confidence will get you everywhere.

5. A delicious home-cooked meal can win over anyone.

6. Don't be afraid of rejection...

7. ...instead, try to learn from it!

8. If the dating scene becomes overwhelming, take a break! You deserve it.

9. Don't give up on finding that extra special someone. It's okay to be picky!

10. Be safe out there.

11. Try to avoid jealousy and controlling behavior.

12. Know what you want and don't be afraid to ask for it.

13. Try to stay positive, even when times are tough!

14. People love compliments, so don't hesitate to tell someone what you like about them!

15. Don't be clingy.

16. When in doubt, eat some cheesecake.

17. And remember: Your friends are there for you every step of the way!

For more lessons on life, love, and everything in between, stream every single episode of The Golden Girls on Hulu!