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11 GIFs That Are So You Obsessing Over Your Favorite Shows

When it comes to your favorite shows, a GIF is worth a thousand words. Stream all your faves (and discover new ones!) only on Hulu.

1. When you're live-posting your fave series:

2. When you say you're only going to watch one episode but it's been two hours and you're now four deep:

3. When your favorite character hits you with a signature one-liner:

4. When you've gone a week without your favorite show and it's finally back:

5. When you finish a season of your fave show and discover the next is readily available:

6. When you and your friends commit to an evening of binge-watching together:

7. When your favorite character does something you know they're going to regret:

8. When your favorite theme song comes on and it slaps:

9. When you've mastered the art of multitasking while bingeing your fave series:

10. When you head straight for your couch to spend the next two hours with your fave TV show:

11. When there's one minute left in an episode and you know you'll be left with a cliffhanger:

All imagery courtesy of Hulu

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