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18 GIFs That Sum Up Your Relationship With Summer

Summer is sweaty, yes — but it also brings corn on the cob, dining alfresco, and a glorious amount of time to binge-watch your fave shows, now streaming on Hulu.

1. Any time someone tells you to start prepping your "beach bod." 🙄

2. When those "Summer Fridays" kick in.

3. Trying to do everything alfresco before it gets way too sweaty for that nonsense.

4. Sprawling out across a plush towel on your first beach trip of the season like:

5. When a friend offers to help apply sunscreen to those impossible-to-reach spots on your back.

6. Anytime someone makes note of your ULS*.

7. And when someone says they "don't sweat."

8. Literally every morning in August when you wake up and check the forecast.

9. And when you spend 45 minutes getting ready in the morning only to melt the second you step outside.

10. Oh yeah, and also any time you step outside without sunglasses.

11. That one glorious, enigmatic summer day that's, like, 73°F and leaves you looking glowing and dewy and actually sweat-free(!!!).

12. Moving from one air-conditioned refuge to the next like:

13. Ensuring your bedroom door is sealed completely shut as to not let even the smallest iota of air-conditioned oxygen escape.

14. When you post a photo of yourself sipping iced coffee in some sunnies and a fedora and wonder who you've become.

15. When your fave rooftop bar is maxed to capacity. :/

16. Any time a friend invites you to a scrumptious summer BBQ featuring corn on the cob.

17. Dealing with the cognitive dissonance of hating sweat and obscene heat yet also living for being outdoors and noshing sweet corn on the cob.

18. But ultimately knowing that you'd never be able to survive without summer's luxe beach trips, dreamy evenings, and fab food.

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