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Life In Los Angeles In Real Life Vs. On Instagram

It's amazing what Mayfair can do. To check out more unfiltered L.A., check out Californication on Hulu.

Surfing on Instagram:

Surfing in real life:

Hiking on Instagram:

Hiking in real life:

Visiting museums on Instagram:

Visiting museums IRL:

Beach day on Instagram:

Beach day in real life:

Walk of fame on Instagram:

Walk of fame in real life:

Outfit of the day on Instagram:

Outfit of the day in real life:

Going to a game on Instagram:

Going to a game in real life:

Driving Wilshire on Instagram:

Driving Wilshire in real life:

Sunday morning on Instagram:

Sunday morning in real life:

Unwinding on Instagram:

Unwinding in real life:

For more #nofilter L.A. underbelly, don't miss Californication on Hulu.

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