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17 Dogs That Totally Get Fall

Take it from these guys — fall is the greatest time to be a dog.

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2. Roscoe and Hope are so excited for crisp hiking weather.

3. Bo can't wait to start Instagramming fall scenery.

4. Ellie will tell everyone she threw this together last minute, but really she picked this costume out in April.

5. Starly is so excited that shorter days mean cozy nights in at home.

6. Amos knows that store-bought pie is good, but you haven't tried his pie yet.

7. Sure he thinks shorts and sandals are fun, but Jack looks really good in layers.

8. Champ is dreaming of all things pumpkin spice flavored.

13. Mac started unpacking his sweaters in July.

17. Captain has been counting down the days until he can start streaming his favorite fall TV shows.

Captain has the right idea, and you can keep up with all your favorite fall TV shows on Hulu!