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32 Creative Gallery Wall Ideas To Transform Any Room

Why limit yourself to one piece of art when you can fill a whole wall with it? Here are some creative ways to get started.

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1. Mix photos, art, and other trinkets for an eclectic eye-catcher

2. Line your staircase to liven up an often boring wall

3. Use a single color that appears in every frame to tie your wall together...

4. Or pick a color scheme that ties all of the frames together

5. Use one type of frame in different sizes + photos with similar coloring for a subtle, clean gallery

6. Use a variety of prints from the same artist for this cohesive look

Buy these Barbie prints here.

Buy these Barbie prints here.

7. Skip frames and create a gallery wall around a theme

8. Add a monogram to family photo galleries

9. Or go monogram crazy!

10. DIY some pretty watercolors in lieu of pricey prints

11. Kids' art is another inexpensive (and sentimental!) frame filler

12. Save time and space by layering frames and knick-knacks on a ledge

13. You can also simply arrange them on a bookcase or credenza

14. Create a gallery of vintage and thrifted mirrors

15. Or clocks!

16. Print family portraits on canvas instead of framing

17. Keep it simple with a few well-lit pieces of art

18. Incorporate thrifted decorative plates for a vintage feel

19. Any vintage knick-knack will do!

20. Mix bright colors for a kid's bedroom

21. Arrange black and white photos symmetrically for a clean and classic bar area

22. Go overboard with beach and ocean prints

See what I did there?

See what I did there?

23. Cover your wall completely with nudes

Oh the irony!

Oh the irony!

24. Use vintage window frames to display photos

25. Use a large item, like a mirror, as the centerpiece of your gallery

26. Add a chalkboard, clipboard, and something you can pin photos to for a gallery wall that is easy to update!

27. Fill frames with needlepoint peices for an adorable vintage look

28. Play with color in your matting paper and keep the photos black and white

29. Album art is a another brilliant and inexpensive frame filler

30. Don't be afraid of being too eclectic...

31. ...Or too subtle

32. Just remember: a gallery wall is the best way to showcase YOUR personality in a room!

Now get decorating!

Now get decorating!

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