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    26 Tech DIY Projects For The Nerd In All Of Us

    So many ways to store, tote, and gift your favorite technologies - the possibilities are endless!

    1. USB Locket

    You can buy this particular version here, or create your own with a large enough locket. They are plentiful on Esty and more cost effective.

    2. Remote Control Part Jewelry

    Directions and more ideas here.

    3. iPad/iPhone Stylus

    View this video on YouTube

    4. Kitchen Tablet Holder

    This DIY was inspired by a much more expensive Pottery Barn piece. It's perfect for reading recipes or watching cooking shows in the kitchen!

    5. Audio Earmuffs

    6. Phone and Tablet Cases

    7. USB Safety Pin

    This one is just a concept, but you could certainly create your own with a little super glue and a steady hand.

    9. Chocolate iPhone!

    10. Crochet Headphone Covers

    More subtle than the earmuffs, but equally fun. Directions here.

    11. Wood-Grain Laptop Wrap

    12. Altoid Can Solar USB Charger

    13. Mason Jar Speakers

    14. Wooden iPad Stand

    Just a table saw and a block of wood at work here.

    15. Cross-Stitch iPhone Case

    While you'll have to purchase the case itself, you can DIY a million designs with just a little thread!

    16. A Sneaky Sawed-Off USB drive

    Flickr: oskay

    So simple and so clever!

    17. Touchscreen Gloves

    Way cheaper than store-bought tech gloves! Instructions here.

    18. QR Code Valentine

    This cute needlepoint actually scans to display a message of up to 250 characters!

    19. Headphone Cord Keepers

    This adorable DIY Christmas gift could be easily made in any shape or color.

    20. Bicycle Horn iPhone Speaker

    "The bike horn (with it's noise maker removed) had just the right amount of threading on the end to screw into the soft plastic hole, and be flush with the inside of the PVC. It sits directly in front of the tiny mono speaker. Leaving the ends of the PVC open allows for a more expansive sound and lets more treble escape. The weight of the horn keeps the phone from tipping back."

    21. Floppy Disk USB Drive

    Do it yourself with this handy video.

    22. Motherboard Christmas Ornament

    23. Gameboy Android Gamepad

    24. Slide-on Macro Lens for iPhone

    This DIY is much more affordable than a store-bought macro lens, which run around $60.

    25. PVC Pipe Laptop Stand

    Super easy and can be customized millions of ways.


    A more involved case, but all you need is an X-Acto Knife and some glue.

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