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    21 Hilarious Photoshop Trolls

    When you ask the internet for help, you're asking for trouble.

    1. Can you remove the hand for me?

    2. Just a touch-up

    3. How do I get rid of these spots on my mirror?

    4. The LIVE Photoshop troll

    View this video on YouTube

    As a part of Adobe's "Creative Days" program, Photoshop masters set up camp at a bus station and modified pictures of waiting commuters in real time. Watch their reactions!

    5. The sneaky wedding troll

    6. Specificity is key.

    7. A reccuring nightmare of a troll

    8. Can you remove her bikini?

    9. Duck face troll

    10. Can you beef me up?

    11. The poignant family Photoshop troll

    12. Taking things literally

    13. Specificity is key 2.0.

    14. The elaborate workplace troll

    15. The double-take troll

    16. As seamless as possible

    17. Sometimes specificity isn't key.

    18. I guess my smile's not so bad after all...

    19. You couldn't have just cropped it, could you?

    20. Can you make my cheekbones higher?

    21. A simple crop, please