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    • hugop2

      Think about it, he’s not wrong at all.
      If you don’t consider these KNOWN causes to be sins thenIsuggest you look up the definition of “sin”, “evil” and “wickedness” on thefreedictionary website. They certainly seem immoral to me. 1. Genetics …or incest? Thanks Eugenics! Thanks racism! (look at Darwin’s children. Seriously, go look it up)
      The naturally inherited parts of the human DNA that result in birth defects arearesult of inbreeding and these codes can be passed on for several generations (yes there are people with the trait but do not suffer from the defect). 2. Contamination.
      We know that if an expecting mother has an illness her incubating baby is likely to have the same illness and in the case ofasuccessfully fought off infection, the child may also receive the antibodies. However, we often overlook the effects of the chemical contaminations found in our environment. We know that things like lead, mercury and arsenic can cause cancer so we keep these things far from pregnant ladies but what about all of the things that come from the combustion of fossil fuels? It’s not just hydrocarbons we’re burning. What about the “minuscule” amount fumes given off fromahot computer chip? If we were only exposing ourselves to these things for one brief moment in our lives, the effects would be negligible but we use these things for hours on end, day after day. What about the contaminants from the petrochemical plastics that surround us? etc etc 3. Radiation.
      Seen pictures of depleted uranium babies? Time to get wired again. 4. Genetic modification.
      This should beano brainer. When we see birth defects that are normallyaresult of inherited genes appearing in families withoutahistory of inbreeding, then the next likely suspect is genetic contamination. We have seen evidence of the incidence of birth defects increasing with every generation of lab rodents that were fed solely on GMO foods. There wasademonstrable decrease in IQ with each generation. Certain vaccines have had similar effects.

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