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    Posted on Jul 13, 2014

    Rock Band Mainland Share NYC's 5 Best Thrift Stores

    Looking for a good deal on some great threads? Take it from someone who really knows how to dress on the cheap: musicians.

    New York City is known for its amazing shops and unbeatable fashion scene (well, okay, maybe Paris takes that one), but a lot of what you hear about are pricey boutiques or high-fashion brands that few of us can afford. I don't know about you, but I'm not trying to spend $5,000 on a blazer.

    What people don't talk about nearly enough are the amazing thrift stores, of which there are too many to count. While I have only managed to visit a few so far, I know that if anyone is poorer than me, I feel bad for you. But, on top of that, I'll take your advice on where to shop.

    I don't know about Mainland's financials, but I know they are an amazing indie rock group whose music is poppy enough for anyone to like. I also know they have amazing style, and they got a lot of it for pretty good steals. I asked them where they like to go, and they suggested a few great shops (with photos to prove to clothes are good).

    Village Style

    Place is a goldmine. I bought a faded black corvette t shirt there recently, very heroin chic and not super pricey.

    No Relation

    Always solid staple of the east village, and very close to our favorite watering holes like Library or Blk Mkt.

    Quality Mending Co.

    This one on Prince Street in Soho is a personal favorite if I have a little more cash on hand.

    They have kooky circus garb and top notch motorcycle shirts and ankle boots. It's also a block away from my favorite restaurant Cafe Gitane.

    Beacon's Closet

    A New York City staple of retro and reclaimed vintage goods. Alex our bassist found

    some dapper British goods in their new location in Brooklyn.

    Buffalo Exchange

    The location in Williamsburg is on point in terms of New York thrift stores.

    If you can avoid the crowd on an off hour you're in the clear. Its summer and the Hawaiian shirts are a plenty.

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