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    PREMIERE: Wrongchilde - "Love Is A Battlefield (ft. Morgan Kibby)"

    A new way of thinking about a classic song.

    While his band Kill Hannah is on hiatus for a little while, Mat Devine has been keeping busy. He has been releasing music under the moniker Wrongchilde, and is putting out an album with the project on August 19th.

    After releasing his first single with Gerard Way (previously of My Chemical Romance), he is back with "Love Is A Battlefield", a reworking of the classic Pat Benatar track. Joining the talented musician is his friend Morgan Kibby, better known as White Sea.

    If you know the song (which you must), get ready for something entirely different. Producer David Riley said "I would never consider myself a Pat Benatar super-fan, but the minute I heard it slowed down, it changed from a fun 80's romp to a super morbid love anthem, and I was completely on board."