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PREMIERE: Russian Red Goes Acoustic-Ish On "Steve J"

Spainish singer-songwriter Russian Red shares a new take on a personal track "Steve J".

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While she may not be big in the US just yet, Russian Red is one name you need to know now, before the rest of the country finally catches on.

The singer is already a big deal in her home country of Spain, where her last album went all the way to #2 and spent months on the chart. Since then, she has been holed up with some of the industry's best producers, writers, engineers and mixers, churning out more of her wonderful indie rock/pop mix.

Her most recent release is a collection of songs about people, with every track having a real name. The CD, Agent Cooper, came out this past February, and she has been traveling the world performing and promoting ever since. While the album is really a great find on it's own, the singer's recently-recorded acoustic versions of a handful of the tracks are equally as special, if not more so. Stripping a song down to the basics can turn it into something completely different, and it's incredible to hear how an artist can approach their same song in two very different ways.

Russian Red's "Steve J" is powerful however it's done, but the acoustic(ish) cut is a favorite.

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