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Top 10 From Least To Greatest Fast Food Places In South Jersey

Fast food is pretty gross but you can't deny to try it at least once in your life.

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10. Subway- this food is great because you can pile on as much food as you would like but the turkey tastes like rubber (never had it but from what I hear)

9. Taco Bell- After they put doritos in their food, it got progressively more popular, the food is mostly ok but amazing when you're drunk

8. Burger King- So does anyone even eat at this place anymore??

7. Chick-Fil-a- Great chicken sandwiches, and waffle fries. Although their politics are weird

6. Chipotle- Overrated, and after having pancheros, their guac ain't got nothin' on pancheros' queso.

5. Starbucks- If you love over priced coffee, and sitting in big armed chairs listen to coffeehouse playlist, it's your place to be!

4. Mcdonalds- snack wraps, and your nuggets are beyond this world. Your fries = addicting

3. Wendy's- Thank you 4 for 4, you saved my life as a college student

2. Dunkin- gets me through almost my everyday life as a college student, (a medium ice french vanilla coffee swirl no sugar just cream)

1. Pancheros- My opinion this is my #1 because the queso is amazing and anyone would be dumb to not try this place

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