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One Nation, One Peace, One As A WHOLE

I am worn out of the stains, I hope you are too.

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I grew up believing that it was a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute our each unique donation to humankind, as if everything was to be bounded together, to be connected.

We have a planet to look after, within this planet, there are multiple operations in which we must assist, support, help and donate.

I thought that within time, men would gain wisdom not to repeat past missteps, this is why I believe we have always studied history for, for the very purpose of not repeating it.

Due to some recent events worldwide and by the way, I am not trying to point out the blame here, not to Trump, Theresa May nor Brexit. I believe that the further we progress, the further we are poisoning each other more and more.

We are born, we gain a life for a purpose, not just because of a consequence from having sex. We are born with duties and obligations which come by means of commitment.

I have recently read all sort of odious comments regarding humankind, it makes me nauseous to see how loathsome one can be.

We are poisoning everything by being selfish, don't forget that at the end of the day we are ONE, we are in this together, it doesn't matter the one we are referring to nor one's conditions.

No matter the race, colour, gender and beliefs we need to help one another. You perhaps, you grow in pride to state from where you come from, what you possess or even the nationality that you might hold. I tell you what, these things are meaningless, they are here for a time being - just like as.

Begin to focus ahead, put time into things which will be here when we are not any longer. Start with teachings, lecture oneself what is right.

Live for the privilege, and love thy neighbour. If you can't? Well, begin by loving yourself and understanding that we have a purpose here on this planet as ONE.

I would like to ask you to keep a question in memory. Who are you? Who are you compared to the others?

If you find the correct answer, you will live for the privilege if not, you will continue to poison yourself and others. A permanent stain which won't be removable and will be marked for ever.

Respect! Leave aside your prejudice, give attention to the less fortunate. Trade your prejudice with love and start living for the purpose of why you came into life.

I am worn out of the stains, I hope you are too.

One Nation, One Peace, One as a WHOLE,

Hugh Bressan.

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