Strange Bedfellows Web Series Episode #2 - A Mild Kwetieapeen & The Actress

This comedy web series follows the journey of three strangers, John Reaves, Dave & Nathan, who share a loft and chronicles their adventures in making the late-night talk show that they film from said loft.

Johnny Hugel • 6 years ago

Doubtsourcing Trailer

"Doubtsourcing is an animated take on “taking” jobs from Americans. Starting next week, they’ll be releasing a new episode every Thursday. " My friend created this, and I expect it to be much smarter and funnier than the other, unfortunately-timed similar TV show.

Johnny Hugel • 7 years ago

Back To The Future is NOT Today

Don't believe everything you read on Twitter, Today is the anniversary of the film's release, not the date they visit.

Johnny Hugel • 7 years ago

Best Coast Entertains A Baby

While recording at the Black Iris LA Studio, Best Coast provides the soundtrack for a playing baby. Then they just say Eff It!

Johnny Hugel • 8 years ago