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    • huffmankristin

      It really is disappointing to see every “teen book” turned movie review end up being called a “twilight wannabe”.Seriously, not every book that is fantasy is a twilight wannabe. the story line is completely different and anyone who has read the book or even seen the movie would know that. Yes it didnt make much money in the box office but it did open on a Wednesday which could have contributed to this. So what it didnt make a lot of money, it was still a great movie. And with the “, Clare’s fantasy kitchen sink quintet — it’s got werewolves, angels, vampires, something called shadowhunters, mundanes, etc. etc” comment, what supernatural, fantasy book doesnt have most of those characters. Also, it is not a recycled story line. This is one of the most original story lines and “fantasy worlds” that I have read about and I have read hundreds of books, most of which are fantasy. But really, this book isn’t even really about vampires. they are a side character. These books are about Shadowhunters. I swear who ever wrote this review didn’t pay attention to the movie at all.

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