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The Most Important Friends You'll Have In Your Lifetime

Friends make the world go round. Capture your best moments in the ultimate groufie (that's a group selfie) with the amazing Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone.

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Think about it: Your parents hang out with you from day one.

They might even give you brothers, sisters, and cousins to run wild with.

And they never get sick of you.

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You bonded over cartoons.

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Playing pranks was a way of showing your affection.

If it really hurts, you must be very popular.

You've kept in touch with some of these guys.

And they have no idea what you do for a living – but that's fine.


You'll never be a grown-up to them.

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You grew up together.

You rode bikes all summer (and winter too).

There was one neighbourhood kid you had funny feelings for.

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You left home and spread your wings.

It was pretty daunting at first.

But it turned out making friends was easy!

You liked the same movies, so you became instant friends.

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You spent a lot of time in "da club".

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And you know ALL their most embarrassing secrets.

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You spend more time with these guys than your family or partner.


They see you at your best... and your worst.

You find strange ways to pass the time.

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But you've got one thing in common: You like getting the job done.

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This gang forms around couples, who like complaining to other couples about each other.

It's healthy.

But it's nice because public displays of affection are allowed.

And don't forget: Couples have parties that go down in history.

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Thanks, friends. You rock.

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Research by Huawei shows people love to groufie – especially over the weekend.* And with an 8MP camera and Ultra Snap Shot function, there’s no better way to capture the moment with friends than the Huawei Ascend P7 – the ultimate groufie phone!

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*Source: Huawei's Global Groufie Research Study on Instagram