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The 17 Times It’s Acceptable To Take A Selfie

Sometimes people will frown on you for taking too many selfies, but we say you gotta do what you gotta do. There are times it’s totally acceptable to take a selfie, and you will never miss that moment with a Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone.

1. When you're having dinner with an old friend. / Via

If you don't take a photo, it never happened.

2. When you bought a new bikini and want everyone to know about it. / Via

They don't need to know what it was really like. Selfies are all about the edit.

3. When you actually went to the gym instead of watching Netflix for nine straight hours. / Via

The acceptable time to take a gym selfie is before the workout.

4. When you made a particularly good breakfast. / Via

Is your omelette still inexplicably in one piece? That's a super-human skill. GET YOUR PHONE OUT.

5. When you made a particularly good anything. / Via

If you made dinner instead of getting a takeaway, now is the time to tell everyone, "I made this!"

6. When you got a takeaway. / Via

Come on, who doesn't want to see you eating pizza so daintily?

7. When you're eating an ice cream on the beach. / Via

You'll look back on this in six months and be glad you got a bit of ice cream on your phone. Worth it.

8. When you're anywhere near a cat. / Via

You don't need to do much; they'll do all the work. Cats are made for the internet.

9. When you're standing in the wind. / Via

Your hair will never look better. You're in a music video.

10. When you're in front of a mountain or lake or whatever. / Via

You can't get this in the city. This is a special selfie.

11. When you just did a new thing with your make-up. / Via

HOURS of YouTube tutorials made this.

12. When you genuinely woke up like this.

JennaMarbles / Via

And you don't care who knows it.

13. When you got a new haircut. / Via

How else are you supposed to know if it's any good? Plus, you're only going to wash it. It'll never look this good again.

14. When you're wearing a thing on your head. Any thing.

Sean Paul / Via

It's not even your hat, but who cares?

15. When the lighting in this room is just right.

AnoushkaWalraven! / Via

Not taking a selfie is just wasting this beautiful moment.

16. Anytime is an acceptable time to take a selfie. Monkeys have been doing it SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME.

Sometimes selfies don't cut it – sometimes you need your mates in the photo with you.

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Can’t fit them all in? With the panoramic selfie (aka groufie) feature and ultra snapshot function on the Huawei Ascend P7, everyone can fit and you won’t have to be that one person cut from the photo.*

*Source Huawei's Global Groufie Research Study on Instagram