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23 Questions Left Unanswered In "Cry Baby"

Because although our love for Johnny Depp makes perfect sense, this movie doesn't.

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8. Pepper has 2 other, when did she start having kids?

She has to be at least 15, but no older than 19. Still disturbing.

13. Why are the Drapes being arrested?

"They started it" should be defense enough...and the Squares were on the Drapes' property. Ever heard of trespassing?

14. How did Hatchetface's mom's iron lung suddenly pop a tire?


It was on a flat surface. Standing still!

Also, it's very obvious that the only problem with her face is that she can't put makeup on correctly.

15. How did the orphanage worker not recognize Pepper, Belvedere, and Ramona?

She was in the courtroom with them when the children were taken away!

18. Does singing on the hood of car really get someone out of prison?

I'm pretty sure our justice system doesn't work like that.

Also, the judge was just at the amusement park and knew of their plan, why doesn't he do something before the last possible moment?

21. Speaking of, why would you put a woman who's obviously in labor in the back seat during a chicken race?

This is the craziest chicken race ever.

Also, if Cry Baby & Baldwin are on top, does that mean the real challengers are Belvedere & mystery Square?

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