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12 Microwave Meals Way Better Than Cup Noodles

No oven required.

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2. Chicken Risotto

Wholesome Cook / Via

This risotto with garlic, shallots, and spinach is gooey, cheesy goodness. Warning: It does ask that the chicken be *lightly cooked* but if you just add another minute to the microwave you’ll be good to go. Get the recipe here.

5. Tacos

Natasha's Kitchen / Via

This genius recipe has convinced me that microwaved beef with the right blend of flavors is just as juicy and delicious as meat from a pan. Add your favorite tortillas and fixings and this dinner is ready in under 10 minutes. Get the recipe.

9. Steak

leaf / Via

It CAN be done, folks! If you're ok with medium or well-done steak, this simple recipe will do the trick. (Yes, this assumes that you are fancy enough to buy a steak but not fancy enough to own a stove, but who am I to judge?) Recipe here.

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