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10 Epic Late-Night Diner Brawls

When the clubs close their doors, the classiest people in America rally to our favorite late-night eateries: Denny's, IHOP, or the Waffle House. Sometimes you end up with more than just a Grand-Slam. Here are our favorite brawls.

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  • 1. North Hollywood Denny's Bra Battle

    No acting here - Just boo "keeping it real."

  • 2. Waffle House Chick Goes After Employee

    I said I wanted extra budda!

  • 3. E. Oakland Denny's Halloween Chair Tossing


  • 4. Boynton Denny's Parking-Lot Weave Sale

    Tyson vs. Holyfield... with tits.

  • 5. Kid Rock Waffle House Security Footage Beating

    The American Bad Ass being ... well a dick, actually.

  • 6. Richmond Virginia Denny's Two For One Deal

    Powder sugar ... yeah, when you get a chance.

  • 7. Waffle House Ladies Night

    I didn't realize I was supposed to wear a tux.

  • 8. Orangeberg, SC, IHOP Bonanza

    Who's the dude with the pimp-stick?

  • 9. IHOP Security Footage Doorway Brawl

    "Sea-Bass and the fellas said they wanted to pick up our tab..."

  • 10. #1 Most Violent Brawl

    No joke, dude definitely has a gun on his waist.