How Hipster Is Your Favorite Hipster Song?

On a scale from 1 to 10….how hipster are these hipster essentials? Pump your speakers and find out.

1. 10: The grandfather of all hipster songs.

Disorder is to Hipsters as Mein Kampf is to Nazis.

2. 8: This song has it all: French phrases, murders, and cryptic lyrics.

“Psycho killer, qu’est que c’est, fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better.”

3. 2: The lyrics are the DEFINITION of hipster lyrics….exactly why is it only a 2.

*The screeching, dying dog sounds make this a 3.

4. 5: The number can’t be too high because it is on a movie soundtrack……

…..even if it is Garden State.

5. 7: Because it isn’t ‘My Girls’ and because the cover is TRIPPY.

But ‘My Girls’ really is great….just WAAAAY too known.

6. 8: Because it is a 9 minute song and the title is misspelled and toolish.


7. 7: Gr8 song, but watch the video.

*Plus Beach House doesn’t show their faces during shows….they put the hip in hipsters.

8. 1: Too many views. Too many likes.

Oh, but if it were a song from ‘The Big Come Up,’ it would have been A 10!

9. 3: Sleepyhead is to Hipsters as Yeah! is to Rappers.


10. 7.5: Because this video is a true hipster love story.

And because of the ukulele. And because the title has nothing to do with the song.

11. 8: Because irony is hip.

LUDA+Beebs=Hipster <3’in

12. 7: Because it sucks, but you still love it.

Because she is an ironic sellout.

13. 8: Because their band t-shirts are based on Joy Division t-shirts.

Irony, bb.

15. 11: Live. Ironic Top 100 Song. In a “lounge.” Sold.

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