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13 Places You Will Definitely Make Friends At Uni

Halls and classrooms are way too obvious.

1. Social Media

Spencer Bergen / Buzzfeed

Before you even step foot onto campus, peruse social media to see who's about. There's no shame in being keen – in this circumstance, keen wins.

Your halls of residence and/or course will probably have a Facebook group you can join. If not, start one yourself; it really is that simple.

Tweeting people is also a totally viable option. Don't let it slip into stalking, however, because that's a fine line you don't want to cross before Freshers' even begins.

2. Society/Club That You'll Actually Enjoy / Via

There is absolutely no point whatsoever joining a club because you think it's the coolest one, hoping you'll meet all the cool people and then, by osmosis, become cool yourself. Not how it works unfortunately.

If Quidditch Society is your thing, you do you, because you is great.

3. Society/Club That You’ve Never, Ever Thought About Joining

Columbia Pictures / Via

If you've ever thought, Hey, I've never even heard of Korfball, but what the hell, YOLO, then guaranteed a multitude of people have also had the exact same thought.

Together you can join Korfball, have no idea what you're doing, laugh about it and become fast friends. Now that's a beautiful friendship origin story if ever there were one.

4. Language-swap Events

William87 / Getty Images / Via

Not only do you get to meet people from different countries, you'll have the opportunity to learn another language. Or at least all the best bits of that language – you can determine your definition of 'best bits'.

5. House Parties / Via

At one point in your three years of studying, you will no doubt find yourself attending at least one house party. Be it an intimate affair or the kind of event that gets shut down before the hired DJ even turns up, a house party is basically THE BEST PLACE TO MAKE FRIENDS.

So, if you've been invited personally or are tagging along with someone you know from your intro to sociology class, you're going to need to sharpen your small-talk skills, because things are about to get real.

6. The Library Café

HBO / Via

Yes, the café, not the library. It's like meeting people in the library, but people in the café will be on a tea break, in a state of momentary relaxation and thus more approachable.

Plus, if you tried to make friends in the library where people are studying and silence is required, you're basically a monster.

7. Varsity Matches

NBC/ Citytv / Via

The only sports match you will ever go to – unless your best friend/significant other plays on a team – will be a varsity match. Here, everyone is united in the spirit of camaraderie and taking down the other uni, creating a powerful atmosphere to make friends. #Mexicanwave.

8. Dog-walking Apps / Via

Who says that you need to be mates with students only? Or humans? Dog-walking apps such as give you the chance to hang out with some cool dogs without the hassle of your landlord throwing a hissy fit. Plus, have you seen how many people come up to chat to people walking cute dogs?

Puppy cuddles + branching out from the university bubble = smart friend-making.

9. Student Union Bar

David Morris (CC By- SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 46124960@N00

Before you say, "Well, duh, that's an obvious choice", hear us out. Though it is a great place to make friends while enjoying a pint, why not consider applying for a job?

You'll meet a lot of people working at the SU (colleagues and customers alike), you'll be at the centre of all the action, and earning top dollar. OK, not top dollar...


BuzzFeed Yellow /

No, we aren't telling you to go sleep on someone's sofa to find a buddy, because that would be weird.

The site has an entire section dedicated to finding events in your area. All you have to do is sign up — and VOILA! — your university town is your oyster.

11. The Gym / Via

You'd be surprised how easy it is to get chatting mid-pump. Offer to spot someone or make a joke during spin class about how you could fry eggs on your thighs because they're burning that much, and you've got yourself an in.

12. Friend-Finder Apps

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images / Via

Be it singles night, young entrepreneurs, or brunch clubs, there are a whole bunch of friend-finder apps, like, that are an amazing place to find local groups in your city. So easy, so convenient – it would be a crime NOT to check it out.

13. The Loos

daveynin (CC By http://2.0) / Via Flickr: daveynin

You'd be surprised how strong the camaraderie is between your fellow lavatory users. You may actually meet your best friend in there whilst reapplying lipstick or paying a fiver for a stick of gum from the really intimidating attendant.

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