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15 Pieces Of Uni Advice Nobody Gives You Until It’s Too Late

Heed our warnings. Heed the hell out of them.

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4. ...and, in fact, if you're an introvert, don't live at home – even if it's in walking distance from your uni.

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The extra chances to make friends you'll have will be invaluable. Trust us.

7. If you make friends with your estate agent, you'll make your life so much easier.

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By offering them a cup of tea / paying rent on time / not destroying the house, you can subtly ask them not to mess you around.

8. Don't associate with proper lads – they're usually a pretty...uhh...bad influence.

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Unsurprising, really, considering they willingly spend their free time shouting "BANTER!" into each other's faces.

12. Be careful what you wear to Freshers' Week.

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You really don't wanna end up being known as "weird shoe girl" or "that guy who carries his folders everywhere because he's clearly never heard of a locker" for the next X amount of years.

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