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The Various Stages Of Being A College Graduate

And you thought Biology was hard.

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So you finally graduated.

But now it's time to get a grown-up job.

And it's like, really hard.

"So what are you doing for work these days?"- Everyone

*Silently leaves room*-You

So you send out like A MILLION resumes.


And you don't hear back after fifteen minutes, so you're like...

OMG. They hate me.

In the meantime, you are spending A LOT of time on the internet.

Fifteen minutes of Career Builder = Fifteen hours of Pinterest time.

And you see that yet another friend is engaged.

"No, seriously! I'm so happy for you."

Or pregnant.

Meaning you have to sit through another engagement/bridal/kitchen/lingerie/baby shower.

And potentially buy another fugly dress.

And people start asking you when you're going to "settle down."

Because right now half of your weekends are like...

Is vodka a carb?

And the other half are like....

(Actual postgrads are wishing they even had a desk to cry under.)

Plus your love life is like...

"Yay new text! Oh... low bank account balance alert....."

But despite your flaws, someone eventually hires you!

Bye-bye ramen. Hello Cup of Noodles!

And you finally get your groove back.

You go Glen CoCo!

And remember how fabulous you always were.

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