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6 Reasons To Check Out Coastal Magic's 6th Annual Reader Convention

Here, in a handy dandy list form, are 6 reasons why avid readers should gather up the book club buddies and make the trip to Daytona Beach next February for the Coastal Magic Convention.

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1. Fantastic Featured Authors


Coastal Magic is a smaller, casual event, with LOTS of opportunity to meet & chat with the Featured Authors. Some you'll recognize right away, and some will be new favorites by the time the weekend is over. If you ever wanted to ask the authors of your favorite books "how" or "why", or just gush about characters that felt like friends, this is your chance. Our author/reader selfie game is strong, too, y'all... and gets better every year!

2. All. Of. The. Books.


If reading is your thing, you've probably got your "auto-buy" authors, but you're also on the lookout for something new. You can pick up the latest in a series you love, or discover a "new to you" author and add their books to your TBR. And all the authors are just waiting to personalize your new pretties during the book signing!

3. Con Friends & Family


Conventions are amazing places to find kindred souls. Come alone and meet people you have only talked to online, or bring your book posse with you... either way is the start of a fun weekend. Everyone is there for the love of books, and that has lead to some pretty incredible friendships. Conversations and inside jokes last much longer than the weekend, and seeing some of the same people every year is like a Coastal Magic family reunion.

4. SWAGgy Goodness


The Welcome Bags at Coastal Magic are pretty... well, magical. :-) The authors and publisher are always so generous, and the results are a SWAG junkie's dream. Books, novelty items, bookmarks, bags, pens... and oh, did I mention the BOOKS!!??

5. Travel


Unless you're a Daytona Beach resident... Coastal Magic is an excuse to travel. Yes, being on the east coast can make for a long travel day... but the payoff is something spectacular. A destination city, full of book peeps, right on the beach, and relatively close to historic sites and theme parks? Yes, please and thank you!

6. The. Beach.


In. February.

The first year of Coastal Magic had gorgeous weather. Then there were four years of rain. But this year, it was BEAUTIFUL, and the beach side shindig had an amazing view!! Here's hoping that the "Sunshine State" is on a roll, and the 2018 weekend is all blue skies and warm sand.

Coastal Magic Convention

So there you have it. The first six reasons you need to add #CMCon18 to your book convention / travel calendar for 2018. If you need more reasons, check out the Coastal Magic website and the Facebook Authors & Attendees group. Attendance is limited to 300, so keep those keyboard fingers at the ready for when General Registration starts on July 1st!

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