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I Just Did My Taxes By Myself For The First Time, And It (Surprisingly) Could Not Have Been Easier

Okay, so maybe I had a little help.

Hi, my name is Isabella, and I'm here to bravely admit something to you — my dad still does my taxes.

While I have no shame being a 30-year-old tax princess, I recently had a crazy thought: What if I was responsible for my own taxes this year?

Chilling! But luckily, H&R Block pushed me out of my nest and invited me to meet with one of their Tax Experts. 


I knew I had to bring my T4, but I honestly had no clue what else to pack for my appointment.

I gathered all the suggested documents in my little tote, and I was off to visit one of their offices in Toronto.

I have to admit, I was feeling a little nervous when I rolled up.

When I tell you I was immediately put at ease by my new Tax Expert Lamar...I'm not joking.

Why? I explained to Lamar that I was super new at this, and he walked me through the process in an incredibly simple way.

He asked me a few questions, set me up in the system, and even helped me update some of my personal info, like my new address and direct deposit number, in my CRA account.

Even though I learned my tax situation wasn't complicated, he told me it was common for people like me to have them done by a Tax Expert IRL.

And I definitely had some Q's!

I already know that 2023 has some freelancing in store for me, so I asked Lamar what I could do to prep for next tax season.

I also need new glasses soon, so I wondered if they would count as a medical expense next year. Lamar told me yup, and I could claim any new prescriptions too.

Noted and noted! ✍️

While we chatted, Lamar was filing away. He let me know my refund amount (which I immediately spent on new shoes an hour later) and how it was calculated.

And just like that, my taxes were filed.

The experience took less than 30 minutes, and the whole process was customized to be straightforward and accessible for someone who was starting from scratch.

author thumbs up in front of h&r block

No matter your level of knowledge or tax sitch, you can book an appointment with an H&R Block Tax Expert here. And if you get Lamar, tell him I say hi!