10 Reasons Doing Stuff Is Overrated

Procrastinating is sort of the best, right? When you’re ready to get down to business, do those taxes. File online with H&R Block — it’s fast and easy.

1. That late-night work email can wait until the morning.

2. You certainly don't have to wake up unless someone makes you.

And that “someone” is also super cute.

3. Especially because everything gets worse once you get out of bed.

4. What's so great downstairs, anyway?

5. You can even eat while lying down.


6. You don't really need to go outside.

Ever heard of the polar vortex? No thanks.

7. Showering is for suckers.

Let us know if it’s ever as much fun as this corgi is having.

8. Whatever's already on TV is good enough.

9. Even eating is hard.

10. So we're just going to go back to bed.

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11. Someone else can totally do it.

12. You might do it totally wrong.

13. You can't just make your taxes disappear, ya dope.

Stop procrastinating and do your taxes with H&R Block. It's free & easy.

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