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10 Amazing Facts That Might Be Useless But Who Cares

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1. A cockroach can live for seven days off of the toothpaste residue on a toothbrush that has only been used once.

2. The average person will lose about 105 pounds of skin cells by the age of 70.

3. Nicolas Cage is on the cover of a Serbian biology textbook.

4. "Stewardesses" is one of the longest words that can be typed by only using your left hand.


The others include "aftereffects," "desegregated," "desegregates," "reverberated," and "reverberates."

5. Some dogs can differentiate between identical twins.

6. Pirates used eye patches so that they always had one eye adjusted to darkness when they had to go below deck.

7. The only species that can get leprosy are humans and armadillos.

8. Velociraptor is Latin for "swift thief."

9. Lobsters urinate out of a hole beneath their antennae.

10. A family of ferrets is called a business.

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11. A full-grown bear can run as fast as a horse.

12. A town called Centralia in Pennsylvania has been on fire since 1962.

13. A whole ecosystem lives in your belly button.

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