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10 Adult Things You Don't Want To Deal With

Procrastination is one of life's greatest joys. When you're done though, do those taxes. File online with H&R Block — it’s fast and easy.

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1. Filing your W-2.

2. Hearing "where do you see yourself in five years?"

3. Adding "work experience" to your resume.

4. Having to pay for expensive birthday dinners.

5. Learning you can't go out five nights a week.

6. Pretending to be excited about your friend's wedding.

7. Buying a box spring.

8. Thinking about under-eye cream.

9. Looking into your "beach cover-up" options.

10. Getting calls from your college asking for donations.

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11. Having to use a stupid umbrella.

12. Trying not to be that weird old person on the dance floor.

13. Don't just sit there. Join the adult world. (It isn't that bad.)

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