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25 Reasons Why Clara Oswald Is The Perfect Role Model

Oswin forever

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1. She's brilliant

2. She's A Great Flirt

3. And Kisser

4. But She's Not A Tart

5. She's An Optimist

6. And Believes In People

7. She's Confident

8. She's Candid

9. She's Brave

10. And Has Tons Of Swag

11. The Most Brilliant Man In The Universe Is Her #1 Fan

12. She's Got Her Own Catchphrase

13. She's The High Five Queen

14. She Isn't Afraid To Cry

15. She Asks The Hard Hitting Questions

16. She's Fun

17. And Adventurous

18. She Has The Best Style

19. And Great Taste

20. She's Super Gorgeous

21. She's Funny

22. She's Strong

23. She's Original

24. Her Hair Flip Game Is Totally On Point

25. And Last But Not Least, She Doesn't Put Up With Any Crap

We Love You Clara

And Think You're Totally Amazing

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