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25 Swoon-Worthy Hunks You Wish Actually Existed

In a perfect world. ::sigh::

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1. Aaron Samuels, Mean Girls

SNL Studios / Via

He was the sweet and smart popular boy with a girlfriend. Sorry to say that yours didn't fall for you and break up with the equally hot Queen Bee.

2. Austin Ames, A Cinderella Story

Warner Bros. / Via

He was the super pretty BMOC who was actually quite nice. Only, your Austin didn't waltz with you in a gazebo and kiss you in the rain. If only.

3. Cameron James, 10 Things I Hate About You

Touchstone Pictures / Via

He was the all-American boy who liked the Queen. You hoped he was secretly crushing on you instead and would take you to prom, but nope.

4. Cliff Pantone, Bring It On

Beacon Pictures / Via

He was your best friend's hot older brother. But you probably weren't a cheerleader and you two definitely didn't share that amazing bathroom moment.

5. Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World

ABC / Disney / Via

He was your awkward childhood crush who played by the rules. Though your Cory failed to go all the way to Disney World to win you back.

6. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

The CW / Via

He was the cute nerd that seemed to like you a lot. But, sadly for you, he was actually in love with your school's Queen and they ended up dating.

7. Duke, She's The Man

Lakeshore Entertainment / Via

He was sweet, funny, hot and your best guy friend. But, instead of ending up with him while in a gorgeous gown, he ended up with the girl he always liked.

8. Han Solo,The Star Wars Series

Lucasfilm / Via

He was the older rebel you had major hots for. Yes, both were probably self-centered and super cute, but yours didn't stop his player life for you.

9. Jack Dawson, Titanic

20th Century Fox / Via

He was the fun and crazy boy you met during summer who you had serious hots for. Only he didn't teach you how to fly and do the Irish Jig.

10. Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles

Universal Pictures / Via

He was the gorgeous older guy you had a major crush on. But, in real life, he didn't show up in front of the church and kiss you on your birthday.

11. Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls

The WB / The CW / Via

He was your neighborhood bad-boy whose smile was your kryptonite. But your Jess didn't fight to be with you for a year and then treat you perfectly.

12. Jim Halpert, The Office

NBC / Via

He was your smart and sweet friend with a great sense of humor. But, actually, he wasn't in love with you for three years and didn't propose in the rain.

13. Josh, Clueless

Paramount Pictures / Via

He was your cute family friend who you pretended to hate. You waited for him to join you on the steps and kiss you, but he never did. Apologies.

14. Landon Carter, A Walk To Remember

Gaylord Films / Via

He was the mean and selfish king of the school, who you always liked. But unfortunately, your Landon didn't become good to be with you.

15. Marty McFly, The Back To The Future Series

Amblin Entertainment / Via

He was the smart-mouth who knew how to change your mind. But you didn't get to travel around in a time machine with him and Doc.

16. Matt Flamhaff, 13 Going On 30

Revolution Studios / Via

He was your sweet and geeky close friend. You hoped one day he would look like Mark Ruffalo, but he never did, and he ended up with someone else.

17. Noah Calhoun, The Notebook

Avery Pix / New Line Cinema / Via

He was your first crush who got hot over the summer. Sure, both were smart and in love, but yours probably wasn't with you. It sucks, I know.

18. Patrick Verona, 10 Things I Hate About You

Touch Stone Pictures / Via

He was the badass with a temper that everybody was scared of. Only, in your case, he didn't serenade you during soccer practice or buy you a guitar.

19. Ron Weasley, The Harry Potter Series

Warner Bros. / Via

He was your close, kind and loyal friend who you always liked. Through yours wasn't secretly in love with you too. Sorry about that.

20. Ross Geller, Friends

NBC / Via

He was your childhood friend who grew up and came back to you. Only, in truth, he didn't run to the airport and declare his love to keep you from moving.

21. Seth Cohen, The O.C.

Fox / Via

He was your super sarcastic, nerdy and adorable classmate. Only your boy didn't declare his love while on a table in front of the whole student body.

22. Shawn Hunter, Boy Meets World

ABC / Disney / Via

He was the badass with a sensitive side and great hair. But did he stay with you for years and secretly write love poems about you? Didn't think so.

23. Troy Bolton, High School Musical

Disney / Via

He was the jock who was friends with someone in every clique. But, he wasn't secretly a singer who expressed his feelings for you through song.

24. Tyler Gage, Step Up

Summit Entertainment / Via

He was the hot guy who always got detention and had a bad background. Sadly, the one at your school wasn't a secretly amazing dancer who fell for you.

25. Zack Morris, Saved By The Bell

NBC / Via

He was the trouble maker who you knew had a sweet side. Only he didn't make you a Prom picnic and end up being your husband, which really sucks.

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