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22 Times Jimmy Fallon Was Too Cute For Words

*squeals to death*

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1. When he held this puppy.

2. That time Harrison Ford pierced his ear.

3. When he did amazing things to a piano.

4. Whenever he rocks a beard.

5. That time he did this little dance.

6. When he tried on Shaquille O'Neal's jacket.

Keep in mind that Jimmy is 6'0".

7. That time he was the punniest man alive.

And also that little dance.

8. Whenever he's with Justin Timberlake.

9. That time he got super close to the camera.

10. When he threw immense shade at Mozart and Beethoven.

11. That time he mimed angrily exiting through a revolving door.

12. When he remembered his SNL audition.

13. When he danced to the Spice Girls.

14. That time he attempted serious acting.

15. That time he shook what his mama gave him.

16. When he slow jammed with Obama.

17. Whenever he lip syncs.

18. That time he was just done with Gary.

19. That time Mel B kissed his forehead.

20. That time he talked about his sex life.

21. When he and Mark Ruffalo played the Best Friends Challenge.

22. And, of course, whenever he laughs.

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